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Automatic hot melt edgebander RAPID EB135

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Quick start and adjustment. 5 minutes heat up time.

Single phase 220-240 V. No compressed air required.

For PVC, melamine, veneer and ABS tapes (included 3D and glass effect).

Possibility to use tapes up to 3 mm thick.

Glue temperature adjustment controlled by microprocessor, which avoids the temperature oscillation.

Motorised pressure gluing roller to ensure the perfect edgebanding from the beginning of the panel.

Gluing roller with polymerization processing which helps to reduce the glue consumption.

Glue pot covered by Teflon® for an easy cleaning and maintenance.

Excellent finishings without adhesive residue due to the double flat scraper.

High performance. Up to 120 m of continue edgebanding with the glue pot content.

Panel thickness from 13 up to 50 mm. Suitable for lightweight panels as well.

Input power: 3450 W
Min. panel thickness: 13 mm
Max. panel thickness (for tapes from 0.4 to 2 mm): 50 mm
Max. panel thickness (for 3 mm tape): 25 mm
Min. panel width: 102 mm
Min. panel length: 180 mm
Adjustable working temperature: 110°-200°C
Working speed: 4 m/min
Trimming unit no-load speed 10000/min
Trimming bits: Ø 59, Z4, R2, +10°
Voltage (single phase): 220-240 V
Dimensions: 1720 x 950 x 1350 mm
Weight: 150 kg

Standard equipment

Belt feeder unit

Motorised top and bottom trimming unit with TCT bits r=3 + 10º chamfer

Flat scrapers at both sides of the panel

Front and rear flush cutting

Table extension


Bits included as standard equipment
8540183 Upper bit Ø60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel
8540184 Lower bit Ø60 Z4, r:2, 10° bevel
Optional accessories

8200300 AS382L Dust collector, equipped with two motors and prepared to work during the trimming cicles automatically.

8545498 Attachment with connectors Ø ext. 38-100 mmFor general dust collection systems with a minimum capacity of 1000 m3/h.

2599266 Container of glue 3 Kg
6399082 Cantspray. Silicone free anti-adhesive spray.
8599694 Netspray. Multi-purpose cleaner.
Optional bits
8540172 Upper bit Ø60 Z4, r:3, 10° bevel
8540173 Lower bit Ø60 Z4, r:3, 10° bevel
8540185 Upper bit Ø60 Z4, 45° bevel
8540186 Lower bit Ø60 Z4, 45° bevel


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