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Corner round trimmer for the automatic trimming on straight, curved or postformed corners on banded panels.

Thanks to the big bit diametre it is posible to obtain a high quality trimming.

Equipped with an extendable guide for bigger pieces.

Guide for positioning the panel to be trimmed in an easy and fast way.

Pneumating presser for fixing the panel during the trimming process.

The copier is independant from the bit to avoid an accidental damage of the panel.

Other radius can be possible under order.

  9/45 mm
  130 mm x 300 mm
  100 mm x 130 mm
  R: 3 (fino a raggio 10 mm su richiesta)
  R: 2 o smusso 10º standar
  R: 3 (con fresa optionale)
  R: 4 (su richiesta)
  60 mm
  10.000 rpm
  230 V / 50-60 Hz
  6 Bar

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