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Ref. 8200300

Vacuum Cleaner AS382L

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Professional vacuum cleaner for dust and liquids, with high capacity container. Specially designed for connecting machines and power tools. Thanks to its power it allows to work in more comfortable and safety conditions. Provided with a socket for power tools connection it has a special switch on system which activates the vacuum cleaner when switching on the tool plugged in it, and stops it some seconds later than the tool.

Equipped with two motors giving high suction power.

Input power: 2300 W
Container capacity: 72 l
Cooling: by-pass
Water col. Vac.: 2200 mm. H2O
Air Delivery: 340 m³/h
Socket for power tools connection max.: 1500 W
Cable length: 8 m
Special filter for fine dusts
Polyester filter


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